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Welcome to Fronditha Care

Fronditha Care – formerly called the Australian Greek Society for Care of the Elderly – is a charitable, community based organization providing services to Australian elders of Greek speaking background. Fronditha has been in existence since 1976 and enjoys broad support from the Greek Community. To date it is the only organization providing a range of residential and support services to the Greek speaking elderly in Victoria.Fronditha exists because it believes that maintaining cultural identity is critical to the well being of all persons.Services provided by Fronditha aim to ensure that Greek speaking elderly are able to live in a residential facility or remain at home and be supported by an agency which shares their language, history, religious values, attitudes, rituals, celebrations, music and food. In essence, all the elements that have, and continue to play a central role in their lives.

Fronditha Care is a not-for-profit community based organisation providing care & support to Greek elders and other cultural backgroundsin Victoria and NSW.

 At any one day the organisation cares for over 2,000 elderly through the provision of residential or community services.

The organisation had its beginnings 37 years ago when a group of volunteers (all Greek migrants) recognised that aged care services will be a significant issue for the Greek community in the years to come.  That group of volunteers started with no more then $10.00; they had vision, and an enormous amount of dedication and commitment to their cause.From humble beginnings Fronditha Care has grown to an organisation which now:- 

  • And which at any one point in time cares for and supports more than 2000 every week
  •  Employs more than 560 Staff
  •  Has an annual recurrent budget of more than $29.5 million
  •  Has a net asset base of more than $53.4 million
  •  Embarked on various major building projects to support elderly into the future

Fronditha Care is recognised by governments at all levels, the service system and the community as a leading Aged Care service organisation with the provision of services to culturally and linguistically diverse elders.Fronditha Care’s success can be attributed to 5 basic factors:-

  • A commitment to its objectives, i.e. to provide a range of care and support services to elderly of Greek and CALD background.
  • A dedicated Board of Directors with continuity in membership— all volunteers.
  • Strong management and dedicated staff who have embraced the organisation’s objectives.
  • Public accountability and strong accountability to the community who have continued to support the organisation e.g. publishing annual financial reports in Australian & Greek language media.
  • Quality of service.  All of Fronditha Care services are fully accredited by relevant regulators and authorities.

Fronditha Care is an outstanding example of what the Greek community can achieve though dedication and commitment. It is an organisation which can make every community member feel proud of what can be achieved.

Fronditha Care is a not-for-profit community based organisation providing care & support Greek elders and other cultural backgrounds  in Victoria and NSW.

Fronditha Care provides the following services:

Clayton Aged Residential Care Facility              103 residential care beds (Steyi, Pronia, Galini)


St. Albans Aged Residential Care Facility         60 residential care beds (Thalpori)


Thornbury Aged Residential Care Facility        120 residential care (Anesi) just commissioned


Templestowe Aged Residential Care Facility   60 residential care beds (Storgi)


Newcastle Aged Residential Care Facility         66 residential care beds (Hippocrates)


125 Community Aged Care packages                  A provision of care to keep elders in their own homes

40 Independent Living Units at St. Albans    
   Provides housing for socially & financially disadvantaged elderly.

This is a joint venture between Fronditha and Office of Housing.



All of Fronditha’s residential facilities and community support programs continuously receive

3 Years’ Accreditation with excellence