Chief Executive Officer’s Welcome

Welcome to Fronditha Care.

I am very proud to lead this wonderful organisation. It is my view that everyone in our community must have access to a quality of life and care.

It is my mission to ensure that Fronditha Care staff dedicate themselves to provide a quality living experience for those in their care. The commitment of my staff to compassion and care should always be uncompromising. We focus on caring for our elders from their respective backgrounds caring for them in consideration of their cultural, linguistic and religious traditions. We aspire to meet their daily care needs focusing on individual requirements and carefully formulated care-plans.

I want all our residents to feel at home and encouraged along with their families to be involved in the caring process. I seek that all our clients in their homes receiving community services feel supported and cherished by our staff.

Fronditha Care has for many years been an independent not-for-profit organisation serving the community and people. All of our annual financial surplus has been apportioned to maintaining and developing new facilities and services.

Our 4 strategic priorities in our Strategic Plan are clear and formulated. We aim to:-

  1. Excel in the provision of resident and client focused culturally appropriate quality care services
  2. Lead as an employer of first choice and support staff to lead in the provision of quality professional care
  3. Champion partnerships with the community that promote support and quality care for our elderly
  4. Build a sustainable future for Fronditha Care, for its people, for its services, its finances and physical resources

The Strategic Plan reflects the position of Fronditha Care as a leader in the provision of aged care to elderly from Greek and other Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds in Australia.

The Strategic Plan also outlines the strategic priorities that will support Fronditha Care to realize its vision through the identification of its strengths and its response to the needs of the community it serves.  It will provide the framework to guide operational, financial arrangements and the provision of care to our elderly across the whole organization ensuring that we achieve the integration of our planning processes with Federal and State government aged care policies and initiatives.

Our Strategic Plan continues a journey that Fronditha Care began 39 years ago seeking to position the organization as an agency of first choice for residents, clients, members, staff and volunteers.

Our new facilities are well appointed and modern. Click here to be informed about our new Thornbury Facility.

We are dedicating huge investments to create a better future for our residents and clients. But more importantly we are striving every day to make the people we care for happy and comfortable in our care.

I hope you enjoy reading about Fronditha Care in our dedicated website; make full use of it!

I am always available to talk and listen to you about how we can improve our services to our clients and to the community.


George Lekakis AO JP

CEO Fronditha Care