The Difference

Your loved one is unique. No one else in the world will ever be your mom, your grandpa, your aunt or brother or spouse. No one else will ever hold the same place in your heart. And no one else has exactly the same characteristics, habits or needs.

Since the opening of Fronditha Care in 1982, we’ve responded to the ever-changing aged care industry with changes of our own. We’ve made adjustments when necessary, with openness to new technology, new ideas and updated methods. And we’ve always practiced a firm commitment to personal, individualized care for each of our residents and clients.

We believe that responsiveness is what sets us apart from other providers, and what helps make our aged care facilities some of the best community based facilities in Australia.

At the same time, we think the traditional values our parents taught us are still important: Respect our elders. Treat everyone with courtesy and kindness. Work hard. Listen to people who are older and wiser. Be compassionate. Always lend a helping hand.

We constantly strive to live by those principles. And we believe that’s what turns our aged care facilities into elders own homes.

For those that we support at home our task is to maintain a quality of life that can only improve further over time.


We welcome you to Fronditha Care!