A Proud History Of Governance

Fronditha Care, formerly known as the Australian Greek Society for the Care of the Elderly, was established in 1977 to respond to the needs of the elderly in the community. Click on the link below to view the 35 Year Fronditha Care Anniversary Video: Fronditha Care – Celebrating 35 Years from Fronditha Care on Vimeo. Together with the support of the community, Fronditha Care continues to be a provider of high quality services, a partner with the Greek community in Victoria and Newcastle and the rest of Australia in responding to the needs of frail older people and value adding to all our activities.   Overview of our Organisation Fronditha Care is a company limited by guarantee. We have adopted a constitution and governance arrangements that ensure the highest level of governance and therefore security for our residents and employees. Outlined below you will find a description of our key people, our structure and the legal principles upon which we operate. If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.  

Board of Directors

Mr Nick Thodos

Ms Faye Spiteri 
Vice President

Mr Jacob Fronistas OAM

Ms Jill Taylor (Nikitakis)

Mr Mike Zafiropoulos AM JP
Board Member

Mr Paul Mavroudis
Board Member

Professor Georgina Tsolidis
Board Member

Dr Olga Kanitsaki AM
Board Member

Mr. Tim Dionyssopoulos

Board Member  

For more information on the Fronditha Care Board of Directors please click here: Board of Directors Biographies

Fronditha Care Executive Staff:

Chief Executive Officer Mr George Lekakis AO BA BSW General Manager Operations Mr Jim Scantsonihas RN Grad.Dip.Ger.Nsg Exec. Manager Corporate Services Mr James McComb B.Bus CPA Exec. Manager Human Resources Ms Kathleen Fisher B. Bus (HR) Exec. Manager Community Services & Planning Ms Heleni Badgiartakis Exec. Manager Public Affairs Zoe Angeli BA MA Grad Cert 

Our Vision To become a leader in the provision of residential and community aged care services in Australia. Our Mission Promoting the wellbeing of frail older people by,

  • Excellence in care and support
  • Providing care which is consistent with people’s linguistic and cultural identity

Our Values

  • Compassion
  • Equality
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Supporting social pluralism and cultural diversity
  • Continuous learning
  • Open communication
  • Teamwork and excellence

Our Commitment

  • Developing best practice
  • Acknowledging the historical legacy of looking after Greek speaking elderly
  • Being a leader and innovator in multicultural quality aged care service delivery
  • Building a culture of continuous quality improvement
  • Being consultative, collaborative and working in partnership with other service providers and CALD communities

  Company Structure Fronditha Care is structured as a company limited by guarantee that operates in accordance with and observes the roles, functions, powers and obligations set out in the Constitution of Fronditha Care.   The purposes and objects of the Company are charitable and benevolent and are as follows:

  • The principal object for which the Company is established is to directly relieve sickness, destitution, suffering and misfortune of the aged and in order to do so, to operate as a non denominational organisation and provide care and support for aged people.
  • Solely in furtherance of the principal object, the powers of the Company are:
      • to carry out all activities necessary to achieve this purpose, including but not limited to:-
        • raising funds;
        • purchasing real or personal property;
        • hiring, leasing or borrowing property;
        • selling property;
        • lending, borrowing or investing money;
        • engaging contractors or sub-contractors;
        • employing staff;
        • any other act that it is authorised to do by any Law.


  • To provide services to elderly people, including:-
    • domiciliary services such as Home Care, Nursing, Meals on Wheels, Home Maintenance, Visiting, etc.
    • day care centres and services;
    • services to those in needy circumstances;
    • recreational, social and cultural services;
    • interpreting, translating and communication services;
    • educational, information and consulting services;
    • welfare and social work services;
    • advisory services;
    • affordable housing;
    • residential and community services;
    • disability support and services.


  • To carry out research and surveys into the problems of old age, to provide assistance to persons researching old age and its problems, to publicise issues concerning the aged, and to advocate and lobby for action on those issues.
  • To provide non-financial advice and assistance to persons planning for their old age.
  • To co-operate and work with other organisations with similar objectives in the research, planning and implementation of the above services and objectives.
  • To plan, design and implement its services in a manner appropriate to the needs of the Company’s clients, particularly in relation to their socio-economic, ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious characteristics.
  • To endeavour to deliver its services to those clients most in need, taking into consideration their financial status, health, degree of dependency and resources (including the availability of other care-givers).
  • To provide services to other needy groups where appropriate and in keeping with the general aims and objectives of the Company.

  Role of the Board of Directors The Fronditha Care Board of Directors, established in accordance with clause 47 of the Constitution, is responsible for the business affairs and property of the Company, including:-

  • Policy making
  • Strategic planning
  • Performance monitoring (including executive performance)
  • Community liaison, advocacy and networking
  • Approval of the business plan, budgets and annual report
  • Ensuring the independence of the Company
  • Risk management (including regulatory compliance and audit)
  • Appointment of Benefactors
  • Governance

The Board of Directors are not paid by way of remuneration for their services.   Ethical Standards The Board acknowledges the need for the highest standard of corporate governance practices and ethical conduct by all Directors, employees and contractors of the Company, and the Directors have adopted the Code of Conduct issued by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.   The Board has also adopted the voluntary Code of Ethics for Residential Aged Care, which commits the organisation to protect the following rights of our residents:-

  • The right of individuals to be treated with respect;
  • The rights of individuals to life, liberty and security;
  • The right of individuals to have their religious and cultural identity respected;
  • The right of competent individuals to self-determination; the right to an appropriate standard of care to meet individual needs;
  • The right to privacy and confidentiality; and
  • The recognition that human beings are social beings with social needs.

Application of Income and Property The income and property of Fronditha Care, from whatever sources, is applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Company and no portion is paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise by way of profit to the Members or Directors of the Company. If upon the winding-up or dissolution of the Company there remains after satisfaction of all of its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, that property will be given or transferred to some institution or institutions having objects similar or in part similar to the objects of the Company and which also prohibits the distribution of its or their income and property amongst its or their members. Fronditha Care promotes high quality culturally appropriate care and is a leader in the aged services sector. Fronditha Care has undertaken extensive work to forge its future in order to better respond to the needs of elderly from Greek and other culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds not only in Victoria but Australia as a whole. By sharing our knowledge and its expertise and through supporting our community at time of great need, Fronditha Care will make high quality culturally appropriate aged care available to all. We are committed to achieving our vision of improving quality of life for our elderly through caring and compassion and the provision of high quality appropriate care. The Board of Directors and Staff are committed to providing leadership and ensuring that we achieve our key performance measures against our strategic priorities.