Our Values

The development of our vision, mission, and values define our organisation’s direction.

These statements underpin everything we do at Fronditha Care

to ensure we provide the best care for our elders.


Our vision 

To become a leader in the provision of residential

and community aged care services in Australia


Our mission

Promoting the wellbeing of frail older people by:

 Excellence in care and support

 Providing care which is consistent with peopleʼs linguistic

and cultural identity


Our values

 Compassion | Equality | Integrity | Respect

 Supporting social pluralism and cultural diversity

 Continuous learning | Open communication

 Teamwork and excellence


Our commitment

 Developing best practice

  Acknowledging our historical legacy of looking after Greek elderly

  Being a leader and innovator in multicultural

quality aged care service delivery

 Building a culture of continuous quality improvement

 Being consultative, collaborative and working

in partnership with other service providers

and CALD communities