Whatever It Takes

Fronditha Care has five aged care residential facilities & provides community services while helping fulfil our mission of providing our residents and clients with the individualized care they need and deserve. These services recognize the important things that a resident always deserves, a kind smile, a “koulouraki” and favourite cup of tea, that the need for conversation and friendship does not lessen with age and that a small act of unexpected kindness can make a person’s day.

Fronditha Care is committed to being a premium leader in aged care. It is our desire to provide the facility of choice in any community in which we operate. Our programs, services and facilities must be designed and operated with superior quality in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

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We believe our residents are our highest priority.

We believe in the preservation of dignity, self-respect and resident rights in a loving and caring environment.

We believe in the resident-centered approach to care in which the total needs of the residents are met. The resident’s family is encouraged to become closely involved with the facility in meeting the resident’s needs.

We believe in fostering genuine compassion and warmth for those in our care. We respect their cultural traditions and practices.

We believe our staff is our most valuable resource. We believe in providing a supportive and professional environment that they will:

  • Have opportunities through education and advancement to reach their maximum potential.
  • Are recognized and rewarded for their individual contribution and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work.
  • Are motivated to continue their employment with the Fronditha Care so long as they meet the professional expectations of their occupations.
  • Are free to express their ideas and concerns, and are encouraged to participate in, and feel a part of, the organization.
  • Are treated fairly and with respect, regardless of race, religion, culture, ethnic or other backgrounds.

We believe unselfishness and teamwork are vital to the success of Fronditha Care.
We believe in fair and consistent application of rules, policies and procedures of Fronditha Care.

We believe in “results-oriented management” and encourage initiative and creativity within the framework of a responsive organizational structure.

Anyone who has professional interaction with Fronditha Care including our residents, residents’ family members, co-workers, staff & volunteers may provide us feedback. Ask a representative of Fronditha Care on how you can provide this feedback. We want to know your views.


We welcome you to Fronditha Care