Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Home Care Packages

 providing you with genuine choice, transparency and control

What is a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Home Care Package?

CDC Home Care Packages are funded by the Australian Government to provide care recipients with genuine choice, transparency and control over the design and delivery of the services they receive. Fronditha Care empowers care recipients to take as much or as little control of their package as they choose, by promoting a wellness and re-ablement approach and encouraging the maintenance of their independence and desired level of community participation. Fronditha Care works in partnership with care recipients to build a care plan to implement and receive supports and services to achieve the care plan goals, within the package budget. Care recipients are provided with transparent information about their subsidy and costs of the services to set realistic and achievable care plans.  

Who is eligible?

Your eligibility to access a CDC Home Care Package is assessed by your local Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS). Your doctor or nurse may refer you to an ACAS for an assessment or, if you wish to locate your local ACAS, you can call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. Assessments conducted by the ACAS are free of charge.  


What services can be provided to me under a CDC Home Care Package?

The types of services that you receive under a Home Care Package will depend on your needs. Fronditha Care will work in partnership with you to identify your goals and needs and co-design the best ways to deliver care and services so you can live a more active and independent life. The services that can be provided in a Home Care Package include:

  • Personal services: such as help with showering or bathing, dressing and mobility.
  • Support services: such as help with washing and ironing, house cleaning, gardening, basic home maintenance, home modifications related to your care needs and transport to help you do shopping, visit your doctor or attend social activities.
  • Clinical and other health care support: such as nursing, physiotherapy (exercise, mobility, strength and balance), consultations with a dietician (nutrition assessment, food and nutrition advice, dietary changes) and hearing and vision services.


Is there a cost involved for CDC Home Care Packages?

CDC will give you a greater understanding of how your package is funded and how those funds are spent through your individualised budget and monthly income and expense statement.

You may be asked to pay:

• a basic fee (applies to everyone receiving a home care package)

• an income-tested care fee (if your income is over a certain amount)  

Contact Details:

Southern Region: 95524126

Eastern Region: 8850 5106

Northern Region: 94952306 / 94952310/ 88505103

Western Region: 93654305

Fronditha Care Head Office: 9552 4100

This activity is funded by the Australian Government