Volunteer Program



Volunteers are important to the happiness and wellbeing of Fronditha Care’s residents and clients. They become familiar faces with regular visits and break up the day for the elderly.

Something as small as a friendly chat or a small gift of a flower from a volunteers’ garden, is very important to a resident who is feeling lonely or unwell.

How to join:

Volunteering does not require any specific qualifications, except for motivation, commitment and good humour.

Being a volunteer can offer a range of benefits including life experience, developing new skills, meeting new people and creating informal networks. Knowing that you are positively contributing to an individual’s quality of life and helping the community is a wonderful feeling.

Volunteering can be regular, short term or as required. Volunteers can be of 18 years and older and come from a range of backgrounds.

Fronditha Care offers a range of training and support and the following volunteer opportunities:


  • Social Support Groups
  • Companionship in a home environment
  • Support with individuals living in residential care
  • Group work and activities
  • Social outings/excursions
  • Gardening
  • Transportation
  • Fundraising
  • Administration
  • Resource specialist


Fronditha Care requires volunteers to agree to a police check that is renewed every three years.



Maria* is an 86-year old resident at Fronditha Care Thornbury ANESI of Greek heritage. Although Fronditha Care employs many Greek-speaking staff and most of the residents are also of Greek heritage, Maria felt that she did not quite fit in. Fronditha Care engaged its Volunteer Program to assign a suitable volunteer to Maria. A female volunteer, Georgia was suggested and after a successful initial introduction, it was arranged for Georgia to visit Maria weekly. It has now been a year since Georgia began her visits, and this is what Maria has to say about her new friend:

 “Although there are so many other residents here, I find that Georgia expresses me the best; she shares my interests, she listens to me and we communicate well. Georgia’s visits are a welcome break from my routine; when she visits it’s like a breath of fresh air and a pleasant change. So, I eagerly wait for her arrival every Friday. I feel that we are not a resident and a volunteer, but two close friends who meet and talk.

Georgia makes me feel better; one day she had to leave early to go to the doctor. I told her that she shouldn’t have come and she replied ‘I did not come for you, I came for me’, because she needs me! That filled me with so much self-worth; she made me feel important and gave me a positive outlook into the future.

My thoughts before Georgia came were that I am 86 years old, my feet, my hands don’t work any more. What am I doing here, in this world? These were my thoughts. But now, when I think that Georgia will come and see me, I look forward to that moment. She is my sunshine. She gives me life.”

*Note: names have been changed.


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