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Public Relations focus on promoting Fronditha Care’s longstanding reputation as a Leading Aged Care provider.

At Fronditha Care we seek to promote our good relationships with our clientele, the public, carers, volunteers, service recipients, residents and their families, using positive facts and stories about our organisation which has operated for more than 37 years.


News, Media & Publications

Fronditha Care’s publicity is more effective than simply advertising, as it reaches a far wider audience, we seek to spread the story.

Our story needs to have credibility with the public, to be achieving something worthwhile, to be truthful, especially when we refer to our elders and their care in our nursing homes or our care recipients who receive community services.

Positive Public Relations rarely occurs without positive efforts from every part and all the staff of the organisation – It is the whole team spirit and positive attitude at Fronditha Care that we want to convey to the public.

What makes Fronditha Care different from other organisations is that our public relations efforts are primarily about by providing care and compassion to our elders.

Providing care and compassion is what the public and the Greek community should feel, understand, know and say about us.
When they use the word CARE “Fronditha” and compassion,  automatically we want them to identify with Fronditha Care as a leading organisation which can be entrusted to care for their elderly parents and relatives Fronditha Care needs to be exceptional when providing cultural appropriate care

We are trying to establish a positive connection and make everybody feel as part of our family.


Our most popular communication mediums are:

•      Fronditha Care’s radio program

•      3XY Radio Hellas – 1422 AM

•      Every Monday morning 9 – 10am

Dedicated pages in the Greek newspapers:

TA NEA (The Greek Media Group) – Wednesday in Greek

NEOS KOSMOS -  Monday and Thursday in Greek or Saturday in English edition

For further information regarding any Public Relations, Events or Communications please contact:

Zoe Angeli, Public Affairs Manager on:

Tel: (03) 9552 4102 |