Memorial Donations

Donations in Lieu of Flowers

During this very difficult time, many people ask their friends and families to donate to Fronditha Care rather than sending flowers to funerals in memory of loved ones who have passed on. You may request for the donations to be allocated to a specific Fronditha facility, or to purchase a specific item.

Donations in Lieu of Birthday Presents, Wedding Gifts etc.

When planning a special event, why not consider asking guests to donate to Fronditha in lieu of birthday presents, wedding gifts, or anniversary gifts.

All donors receive a tax deductible receipt from Fronditha. We will also notify the person or family who you have made the donation in lieu of, to inform them of your generosity.


For more information about donating ’In Lieu of’ please contact:

Demi Zeglinas
Public Relations & Administration Officer
0408 544 095