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Making a positive difference to the elderly through bequests- The Evangelos and Elli Ioannou story

Leaving a bequest in your will is a thoughtful way to give back to the community after you pass and adds to your legacy.

It is also a chance to give a significant gift to an organisation whose work you admire, or you would like to significantly support.

EGM Communications and Public Affairs Zoe Angeli spoke to Odysseas Kripotos and Ria Georgiadis about the fundraising channels Fronditha Care has established and talked about the late Evangelos and Elli Ioannou, that left a generous bequest of $850,000 to Fronditha Care.

The consequences of COVID-19 to our mental health and our elderly- A discussion with Dr Arthur Kokkinias

COVID-19 has undoubtfully transformed our daily lives and its aftermath remains unclear. With cases of anxiety and depression on the rise, our mental health has been brought to the foreground of public discourse, with experts warning of dire consequences if we neglect our mental health.

The Hellenic Medical Society of Australia of Australia and Fronditha Care Board Member, psychiatrist Dr Arthur Kokkinias, spoke to Odysseas Kripotos and Ria Georgiadis on Monday on 3XY Radio Hellas about the impact of the new way of living COVID-19 has brought about, and its implications to our mental health, highlighting the challenges our elders face.


Mental Health in a period of crisis- How Fronditha Care assisted its employees

Healthy in Mind, Healthy in Body are famous words of Thales, one of the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece.

During the COVID-19 period we have been diligent about our physical health, following professional advice, to safeguard ourselves and our families.

But what about our mental health? Have we done enough?

Fronditha Care believes Happy Carers= Happy Elders, and has actively supported its employees to stay healthy, physically and mentally.

Online seminars run by PTSA ’s founder and director, Philip Lambou on mental health during a pandemic is just one such initiative.

Philip spoke to Odysseas Kripotos and Ria Georgiadis sharing sound advice on staying mentally healthy during and on the other side of the pandemic.


Clayton site a paradigm of effective care for the elderly

Fronditha Care’s state-of-the-art Clayton facility has defined a new benchmark for the provider’s culturally sensitive residential care standard.

The three wings – Steyi (shelter), Pronia (providence) and Galini (harmony) – combine high quality clinical care with a 43 year tradition of love and care focused on the psychological, cultural and spiritual needs of our elders.

Clinical Care Coordinator, Georgia Tzembetzis, and Lifestyle and Activities Coordinator, Demitra Economou, spoke to Odysseas Kripotos and Helen Velissaris about Fronditha Care’s model of care and the warm and welcoming environment it creates.


Fronditha Care can help you remain independent while staying at home

Home Care Packages (HCP) provide older Australians with access to affordable care services to remain at home and live independently.

Care advisors Tania Samartza and Melania Kotinopoulou spoke to Odysseas Kripotos about the growing demand for Fronditha Care’s HCP service, its unique model of care, and the home care options older Australians have.



Fronditha Care volunteers are “changing communities, changing lives”

Volunteers have been the backbone of Fronditha Care since it’s foundation in 1977.

Thousands of volunteers have helped the organisation thrive though the decades and now approximately 200 generous volunteers help in the governance, fundraising and assistance of the elderly.

Effie Kapnias, Fronditha Care’s Volunteer Coordinator, spoke to Odysseas Kripotos and Helen Velissaris about the thriving volunteer program and how people can get involved in it.



Working in aged care- A rewarding and promising career

EGM People and Culture of Fronditha Care, Kathleen Fisher, talks to Odysseas Kripotos and Ria Georgiadis about employment in aged care.

She also touches on the very positive results Fronditha Care’s Employment Survey has received and the Labor Agreement, a life changing initiative for a lot of Greek speaking Personal Care Workers.



“Anyone can see that Fronditha Care is a big family”

On this week’s Fronditha Care Radio Show, don’t miss

  • A first chat with the new EGM Community Services Penny Hobson – “Fronditha Care is a big family”
  • Easter activities in all nursing homes engage, amuse, and touch residents. A discussion with Support Services Coordinator Clayton, Vivi Michailidou.
  • Fronditha Care responds to PM’s comments about Organisations acting above the recommendations of the Department

Presented by Odysseas Kripotos and Helen Velissaris.



Our residents keep on enjoying life despite the lockdown

In this week Fronditha Care’s Radio Show, EGM Residential Services Jim Scantsonihas explains how the activities in all facilities were adjusted after the lockdown (due to COVID-19) to keep the residents safe, engaged and connected to their families and communities.

Also, updates on Fronditha Care’s Home Care services, Radiothon 2020 and job opportunities.



Labour Agreement- Three carers thank Fronditha Care for giving them a chance to thrive in Australia

PCW’s, Panagiota Bourdouvali, Dimitria Gougi  and Evaggelia Sofronidou, talk to Odysseas Kripotos about their journey from Greece to Australia, the adversity they had to overcome and how Fronditha Care helped them thrive in Australia through the Labour Agreement.