3XY program Podcasts

Fronditha Care has a regular show every Monday morning between 9-10am, frequency 1422AM. Tune in to listen to our latest news.

Our residents talk about cinema and their favourite actors

Listen to our residents from our St Albans facility, talk to Odysseas Kripotos and Ria Georgiadis about Greek movies, their favourite actors and cinemas in Greece and Australia.

Why people want to work in Fronditha Care

Listen to brothers Doriana Prempti and Joanna Typaldos, Domestic Assistants for Fronditha Care,  speak to Odysseas Kripotos and Ria Georgiadis about changing careers, what they love about Fronditha Care and their interactions with the elderly.

Remembering George Yiannis- A discussion with his sons

Listen to brothers Lukas, Kon and Alex Yiannis speak to Odysseas Kripotos about their father’s, George Yiannis, legacy. An esteemed member of the Greek community, George Yiannis was known for his kindness, hard work and selfless contribution to many organisations, such as Fronditha Care.


Fronditha Care records significant increase in clientele

Listen to Fronditha Care’s CEO, Michael Malakonas, speak to Odysseas Kripotos and Zoe Angeli, Executive GM Communications and Public Affairs,  about Fronditha Care’s substantial increase in service, its financial state and future steps.

How Fronditha Care Newcastle brings elders from diverse backrounds together

Listen to Garrison Brassington, Clinical Care Coordinator in Fronditha Care Newcastle, speak to Odysseas Kripotos and Ria Georgiadis about the special care approach the facility follows and the vibrant activity program that brings elderly from diverse backgrounds together.


Enterprise Risk – How the pandemic has shed a light on the need for it in aged care

Listen to Helen Bagiartakis, Executive GM Strategy, Advocacy & Business Development, speak to Odysseas Kripotos and Ria Georgiadis about the reasons all aged care organisations should adopt an Enterprise Risk strategy, what policies should be heightened, and why the aged care sector might still not be ready for another major outbreak.


How Home Care Packages can help you live independently in your home

Listen to Home Care Advisors Eleftheria Sachinidou and Katherine Vasiliadis speak to Odysseas Kripotos and Ria Georgiadis about Home Care Packages, how can assist older people in their everyday life and how Fronditha Care can help you with the application.

How culturally appropriate communication helps people with dementia

Listen to PCW Paula Hatzinikolaou speak to Odysseas Kripotos and Heleni Velissaris about her decision to change career and join aged care, the lessons the elderly teach her every day and why we should be empathetic towards people with dementia.


How peer support groups help employees stay mentally healthy during the pandemic

Listen to the Manager Direct Care Services Sylvia Tzimas, speak to Odysseas Kripotos and Heleni Velissaris about the different initiatives to keep Personal Cares Worker safe during the pandemic, the demand for Home Care Packages and the current employment opportunities in Fronditha Care.



Fronditha Care’s response to COVID-19

Fronditha Care’s President, Professor Eugenia Pedagogos speaks to Odysseas Kripotos and Ria Georgiadis about COVID-19, Fronditha Care’s strategy to protect its people from the pandemic and why it’s crucial everyone to support the mission of the organisation.