CEO’s Welcome

I am very proud to lead this wonderful organisation. It is my view that everyone in our community must have access to a quality of life and care.

The Difference

Bounty of care

Our belief in the ‘Bounty of Care’ is what makes Fronditha Care so special. Whether it is the love and care for our elders, the respect and value we have for our colleagues or the joy and connection we celebrate with our communities, it’s instilled in everything we do.

Our Values

Do right
Bring joy
Inspire better

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40 Years have passed since a small group of Greek professionals met in the hope of fulfilling a very ambitious vision: to support and care for the Greek speaking elderly in Australia. Many were the hurdles that had to be surpassed but with zeal and determination the fulfillment of the dream quickly became a reality.

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An organisation that deserves your support.

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Volunteer with us

Volunteers are important to the happiness and wellbeing of Fronditha Care’s residents and clients. They become familiar faces with regular visits and break up the day for the elderly.

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Join our family

Becoming a Member with Fronditha Care entities you to vote at General Meetings and be a candidate for election to the Board.