Become a Volunteer.

Volunteering does not require any specific qualifications, except for motivation, commitment and good humour.

Something as small as a friendly chat or a small gift of a flower from a volunteer’s garden, is very important to a person who is feeling lonely or unwell.

It also is a way for people to feel connected to their community, stay up to date with the news and continue to participate in robust discussions.

Being a volunteer can offer a range of benefits including life experience, developing new skills, meeting new people and creating informal networks. Knowing that you are positively contributing to an individual’s quality of life and helping the community is a wonderful feeling.

Volunteering can be regular, short term or as required.

Fronditha Care also offers a range of training and support to all its volunteers.

Types of volunteer opportunities include:

  • Social Support Groups
  • Companionship in a home environment
  • Support with individuals living in residential care
  • Group work and activities
  • Social outings/excursions
  • Fundraising
  • Administration
  • Resource specialist

To volunteer at Fronditha Care:

Please call 03 9552 4100

Or email

Our volunteer programs are funded by the Commonwealth Government.