Templestowe STORGI

Honour Board

(since 2001)

Mr Antonios Vitou

Mr S & Mrs S & H Stamoulis & Family – in memory of their beloved daughter Nafsika Stamoulis

Mr Michael Krizos

Mr Speros Polites

Mr Anastasios Revis

Dr & Mrs C & P Constantinou

Greek Australian International Legal & Medical Conference

Hellenic Orthodox Community of Doncaster & Templestowe

Ian Rollo Currie Foundation

Ithacan Philanthropic Society

J & S Alexopoulos & Sons

Marathon Food Industries PTY LTD

Morea Architects

Orpheus Pan Hellenic Amateur & Philanthropic Association of Melb & VIC

Sleepeze Bedding (Aust) PTY LTD

Templestowe Auxiliary

The estate of late Maria Raftopoulos

The estate of late Vasiliki Tserntzoulias

The William Angliss Charitable Fund

Olympic Athletic Club

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