Memorial Donations

Remembering your loved one by making a difference to others

Memorial gifts are a thoughtful way to pay tribute to the life of a friend or family member and honour their memory and add to their legacy.

In lieu of flowers, you might like to encourage your friends and family to make a difference by donating to a charity.

A Total of $25,006 was raised in the 2018 -19 Financial Year.

We express our gratitude to all the families that have nominated Fronditha Care as their charity of choice and we extend our sincere condolences to them for their loss.

Donations received In Memory of the late:

Rodothea Joannides Georgia Keramitsis
Maria Saristavros Ioannis Mantzis
Maria Constantinidis Antonakis Demetriou
Panagiotis Kantaras John Pedagogos
Bill Giavris Eleni Theodotou
Sofia Papanestros Anna Angelopoulos
Konstantinos Komninos Alexander Galanis
Christina Rodi Antonios Marinakis
Theodora Karagiannis Vassilios Pouros
Dimitrios Tzolakis Katina Tzaferis
Helen Toumazou Athanasia Lygouris
Tassia Saks Dimitrios Gogos
Marina Vaporakis

Leave it to us

Our own Fronditha Care representative will be at the funeral and set up 30 minutes before the service.

All donations will be collected and tallied by the representative, and witnessed by a nominated family member.

Your donation will also be acknowledged if you so wish in the Greek Australian newspaper Neos Kosmos in memory of your loved one.

Fronditha Care will take care of everything so you don’t have to do anything.


Make a donation today

Nominating Fronditha Care for memorial donations is easy.

You can either call us on (03) 9552 4100 or email us at, and/ or you can notify your funeral director that you would like in lieu of flowers for your guests to make donations to our charity.