Week 2 – Identify when things go wrong

Week 2 – Identify when things go wrong

One of the key principles of Open Disclosure is transparency.

Transparency and honest communication are key to identifying when things go wrong.

This requires you to be forthcoming with information when you identify that things go wrong and have harmed or had the potential to cause harm.

“Harm may be physical, psychological or social resulting in loss of quality of life,
impairment, suffering, injury, disability or death.”

This must be applied to relationships with all Fronditha Care stakeholders: consumers, staff members, volunteers, contractors and others.
At Fronditha Care, there are several ways in our day to day work that allow us to identify when things may have gone wrong. Some examples include:

  • At the point of care delivery
  • Observation (reflecting/reviewing our own practices and those of others)
  • Reports from staff about near misses, hazards, incidents, accidents and critical feedback (prompting us to review processes and practices and key quality indicators)

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Charter of Aged care rights: https://www.agedcarequality.gov.au/sites/default/files/media/acqsc_charter_of_rights_poster_a3_v7_lr.pdf

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