Yiayia at the market

Illustrated by Oakleigh Grammar Year 10 students and created and printed by the Fronditha Care Communications team, the book follows a young boy coming to terms with his grandmother living with dementia.

Here’s what the students who have contributed to our Yiayia at the market children’s book had to say about their illustrations:

“In this project, I think my biggest gain is that I learned how to discuss ideas with others. I think the most interesting part of the whole process was trying to paint it in a way that I have never done before. The most useful thing about this project is that it gives us more experience about how to draw children’s book illustrations and how to try something new.”- Rui Li

“Working on this book has been a pleasure. Using a children’s book to cover a difficult subject was not easy. This book can inform and help children understand the difficulties of dementia. I learned and developed my drawing sills in cartoon style with the aim of engaging a child’s perspective. It was interesting.” – Theodore Gavrilescu

“Fronditha Care has provided opportunities for us to add another dimension to our progression as young artists. I also thank the support from my teacher in promoting my art to a wider audience.
I value the public, specifically children reviewing my illustration, which has added a further level of credibility to my work.”- Chloe Abbott

“Taking part in illustrating a children’s book on such a difficult topic was such an amazing experience. I am very grateful to be a part of it. From this, I learned a little more about dementia than I already knew, and also how to explain such a hard topic to children. I loved being able to explore ideas that relate to both dementia and Greek culture.
This will also be a great addition to my CV and future folios.” –  Eleni Pantelidis

To obtain your free copy click on the download button or contact the Public Affairs team via email on comms.pr@fronditha.org.

Fronditha Care has published this bilingual children’s book to raise awareness in the community on dementia and its impact.
We thank both Oakleigh Grammar and the HMSA for their contributions.


Volunteer Recognition Ceremony Event Program

Thank you to all of our volunteers for their ongoing commitment and selfless contributions towards Fronditha Care.

Making a world of difference


Fronditha Care COOK BOOK

It’s been a labour of love implementing our new Fronditha Care menu.

We invest heavily in the purchase of the freshest and highest quality ingredients to ensure the food is exemplary and above all, tasty.

Our long heritage of caring for elderly Greek members of our community has meant that our menu has always had a Mediterranean are with a strong Greek influence.

It’s about keeping traditions alive and comforting people through familiar foods.

The menu is regularly reviewed by the residents, management and Leading Nutrition dietitians to make sure it is nutritious, there is variety and above all, tastes delicious.

Food unites people and comforts them. Familiar smells and flavours create a strong sense of belonging and familiarity.

It fills people with nostalgia, and makes them remember happy memories surrounded by loved ones around the dinner table.

Personalised care is our speciality and great food is a large part of that.

We hope you enjoy these tasty recipes.