Volunteer Recognition Ceremony Event Program

Thank you to all of our volunteers for their ongoing commitment and selfless contributions towards Fronditha Care.

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Fronditha Care COOK BOOK

It’s been a labour of love implementing our new Fronditha Care menu.

We invest heavily in the purchase of the freshest and highest quality ingredients to ensure the food is exemplary and above all, tasty.

Our long heritage of caring for elderly Greek members of our community has meant that our menu has always had a Mediterranean are with a strong Greek influence.

It’s about keeping traditions alive and comforting people through familiar foods.

The menu is regularly reviewed by the residents, management and Leading Nutrition dietitians to make sure it is nutritious, there is variety and above all, tastes delicious.

Food unites people and comforts them. Familiar smells and flavours create a strong sense of belonging and familiarity.

It fills people with nostalgia, and makes them remember happy memories surrounded by loved ones around the dinner table.

Personalised care is our speciality and great food is a large part of that.

We hope you enjoy these tasty recipes.