Celebrating culture through cuisine

Fronditha Care invests heavily to make sure our menu reflects the flavours and aromas our residents are accustomed to.

Our menu is both healthy, nutritious and features cuisine that celebrates our residents’ cultural heritage.

Community Services – FAQs

What food do you serve at Fronditha Care?

Fronditha Care offers a culturally appropriate model of care, with cuisine being of primary importance. We care for predominately Greek Australians, and therefore our we have always offered a Mediterranean menu.

Residents are served traditional dishes from all over Greece, the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean.

Our menu changes to reflect certain delicacies around holidays like Easter, Christmas and changes seasonally to make sure our produce is the freshest it can be.

Is it nutritious?

Of course. Leading Nutrition dieticians are asked to review all final menus to ensure they are nutritious, delicious and cover the needs of an ageing person.

On an individual level, each resident receives a nutritional and hydration assessment which notes their medical needs but also their food likes and dislikes which our staff adheres to.

If my loved one doesn’t like a meal, is there an alternative?

Yes. We always have a second choice for each main meal, seven days a week.

: What if my loved one has eating difficulties?

We have provisions to make modified/ pureed meals for those with eating difficulties.

We also seek feedback from the personal care assistants who help residents during meal times.


Can I bring in my own food?

Yes. You must make a note of it at reception by filling in a food registration form. The food should only be given to your loved one – this is to avoid any issues with residents who might have allergies.

Food will be disposed of after a 24 hour period, so non-perishables are not permitted.

My loved one wants to fast for religious reasons. Can they do that?

Yes. Our chefs cater to periods of lent and fasting, and our menu options include no meat or dairy.

Can my loved one give you a recipe?

Yes! We are open to introducing recipe suggestions from residents.

When creating our seasonal menus, our activity and lifestyle staff also survey the residents twice a year. They are given a list of traditional meals to choose from and are encouraged to provide additional suggestions to make sure their next menu is created exactly to their tastes.

Is the Mediterranean diet the best diet for seniors?

The Mediterranean diet has been shown to improve:

  •  cardiovascular health
  • reduce the risk of diabetes
  • improve the symptoms of depression.

Its main features include using olive oil for cooking, lots of vegetables and fruit, using meat sparingly, healthy dairy like low fat yoghurt and eating lots of seafood.

There is some evidence to suggest that a Mediterranean diet and lifestyle may be associated with slower rates of decline in memory due to the high amounts of antioxidants in the diet as a result of the large intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Special events

We host numerous special events centred around food, including:

  • Monthly resident BBQ (lamb on the spit, yiros etc)
  • Weekly cafenio – finger food supplied for the male residents’ café hour
  • High tea – finger food supplied for weekly high tea events for the female residents

Major holidays – Christmas, easter etc – Traditional food and preparation becomes a month long activity and the kitchen changes its menu for these occasions.


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