If I could give my younger self advice I would say:

Leave behind whatever makes you unhappy, without a second thought.

Years are passing us by so quickly that you shouldn’t busy yourself with unpleasant situations.

Follow your dreams and trust yourself!

Make sure to love the career you choose, as this is your future and also a happiness factor.

Travel as much as you can and as far as your finances allow!

Go out, have fun, dance as if there is no tomorrow and smile! These moments of carelessness will be a long distant dream.

Believe in yourself! Only then you are able to achieve everything. Self –esteem does not mean  that you are selfish… or arrogant

Having a relationship that does not make you a better person, is the wrong relationship. Leave it as soon as you can.

Sleep, take a rest and pamper yourself as much as you can and as many hours as your schedule allows you.

Learn to forgive, so that you can dispose negative feelings that hold you in the past and prevent you from seeing the future in a positive way.
Keep close to your heart those people who appreciate you even for the minimum you are doing for them. People who are acting with their heart and not to have personal gains. People that love you for what you are and not for what they wish you’d rather be r could have become!

Love and accept yourself with all its flaws and do not let anyone offend or belittle you!

We are all different, but equal.

Being vulnerable and sensitive, sometimes it is your right.

Happiness can be found in small instances that ought to be treated as big!

Life is short, and we are merely just passengers! So let’s live and enjoy it to its fullest.

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