The saddest moment of my life was when my sister died. I didn’t realise how much that would impact me.

She was brilliant, she was studying two degrees at the same time, she was running an executive position.

She felt a lump in her breast and didn’t do anything about it.

It wasn’t until her and her husband decided to go to China that she said, “Oh I’ve got this pain in my back”.

Not long after she returned, she couldn’t even stand up. She went to see the doctor, who said “oh we’ll take you to get some x-rays etc”. But she turned to her husband and said, “should I also tell the doctor about this lump?”.

The doctor turned to her and said, “I know exactly what you have”.

It was late stage breast cancer.

She battled it, she battled hard. She pushed it back amazingly, for two or three years. She was very much a fighter, and it was that which got to me.

When she told me, I just sat back, saying, why didn’t you go and see the doctor when you felt the lump?

She said “I was stupid, I just thought I could will it away”.

It rocked me because it was unnecessary. We’d always promise we would grow old together. And she’s gone.

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