I’ve been so lucky to have so many amazing women in my life – all have influenced me in different ways.

I only met my grandmothers briefly on trips back to Greece. They were refugees and orphaned as children and showed me what it means to be resilient, bold and courageous.

My mother instilled in me what it means to be compassionate and have an open loving heart. Unfortunately, I lost her to cancer when I was just 29 years old.  I lost my aunt a few years later, but I always remember her teaching me how to treasure the joy in life. I think the heartbreak of loss of a loved one, someone who is incredibly significant in your life, is something you learn to live with but never really get over.

Going through life, I’ve become very passionate about social change and giving voice to the most vulnerable people in the community.  I’m an ardent proponent of human rights and gender equity and feel, in so far as I’m able to, it’s a duty to help people change their lives for the better. It’s actually a privilege to do good.

Women need to support other women. We can only be brave if others believe in us, and encourage our passions and intellect. Become a mentor. It’s a wonderful way to contribute and pass on your wisdom.

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