Fenia Fermanoglou

Fenia Fermanoglou started working for Fronditha Care in 2012. She was sponsored by the organisation under their Labour Agreement and received an Excellence Award at the Staff Awards 2015. She is a Personal Care Worker in our Community Services Department.

Working to serve the elderly is not just a duty for me; it is a passion that grew from years of looking after my ailing grandmother and the incredibly rewarding experience that came with it, made me consider an aged care career path. Taking care of elderly people is something that takes a lot of different strengths and apart from a caring and empathetic nature of an individual, it requires a variety of qualities such as patience, positivity, motivation, respect, sensitivity and a high level of professionalism. Without a doubt, there are a lot of emotional and physical challenges every day and as a carer you need to be fully committed to enhancing lives.

On the other hand, the ongoing training that Fronditha Care offers through seminars and workshops is an invaluable aid to our performance. In my point of view, to go above and beyond in any profession, you need to enjoy of what you’re doing.

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