I just lost my mum two weeks ago.

She was here, in the nursing home. Every time I open the door I think I’m going to find her there. She was 94, so I know she had a full life but she’s still my mum. It doesn’t make it any easier. It just makes me sad.

She was in the nursing home and I worked in the memory support unit. Everytime I’d walk through the nursing home, she’d grab my hand and talk to me. Recently, she wasn’t able to verbalise much, so we were just talking with hands.

I got used to seeing her there. On my birthday, she decided to go.

Last week, they put a lovely lady in her room. She noticed that I wasn’t going to see her much. I said, yes, you’re right, I’ll come more often. I didn’t want to tell her about my mum. The other day, I peeked inside to see if I could feel something, and there was nothing.

I’ve got to get used to the fact she’s not here anymore.

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