2018 Khoryom ‘Tut’ Nuyon

The nominations for the OCA were impressive and on a ‘one off’ occasion, it was decided to award two staff members with this award

  • It was stated “What a Personal Carer!!” Tut has a persona that radiates the message to families of residents that your parents are in good hands.
  • A resident refers to him as being ‘the son of God’
  • Individuals have made comments that he is a gentleman, whom the residents respect. He has a quiet, gentle nature, with special warmth.
  • Tut is known to be an efficient and diligent worker who also assists new staff.
  • He has a great sense of humour and enjoys a laugh with his colleagues.
  • Family of residents have commented that his patience is executing what is necessary for not only their parents, but is observed when caring for the other residents. They have stated that he cautiously undertakes every aspect of others needs, from feeding the residents to talking to them calmly. Family members have also observed him making sure a resident is positioned comfortably, even if it is ‘by a centimeter’.
  • One family member has stated that Fronditha Care is blessed to have Tut as staff, as he is a Superman PCW to all people he comes across.
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