I lived in Greece for 35 years. I was born there, I was married there and I had kids there. After the economic crisis hit Greece, I saw things weren’t going well. We were worried our jobs would go. Already the company that I worked for was laying people off.

My husband and I had discussed going to Australia for a short while, maybe three years at first to see if the country would suit us and our family. If it didn’t, we were ready to move back.

Thank god, everything went well.

We arrived and things were quite easy for us. My brother was living here already, and I had a very good friend that helped me immensely. It’s not just work pressures that are the biggest hurdle to overcome in a new country, it’s the emotional pressures that you don’t expect.

Because we were by ourselves, had left our family and our security in Greece, it was hard adjusting. We missed the everyday routine and familiarity of Greece – the ease with which we were able to see our family, our friends, our colleagues. And life in Greece is different.

But I’m happy and healthy here now. Nothing is missing, except for my friends and family in Greece. But we visit as often as we can.

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