Maria is an 86-year old resident at Fronditha Care Thornbury ANESI of Greek heritage. Although Fronditha Care employs many Greek-speaking staff and most of the residents are also of Greek heritage, Maria felt that she did not quite fit in. Fronditha Care engaged its Volunteer Program to assign a suitable volunteer to Maria. A female volunteer, Georgia was suggested and after a successful initial introduction, it was arranged for Georgia to visit Maria weekly. It has now been a year since Georgia began her visits, and this is what Maria has to say about her new friend:
“Although there are so many other residents here, I find that Georgia expresses me the best; she shares my interests, she listens to me and we communicate well. Georgia’s visits are a welcome break from my routine; when she visits it’s like a breath of fresh air and a pleasant change. So, I eagerly wait for her arrival every Friday. I feel that we are not a resident and a volunteer, but two close friends who meet and talk.

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