I lived in the country, then moved to Melbourne in my early 20s, but then my father got sick with cancer. I was the only one of my siblings at the time that wasn’t married, so I went back to look after my father.

I looked after him for about two years, and I was in the process of coming back to Melbourne when my mother suffered a heart attack. So I stayed for another 10 years.

My life was on pause during that time. I mean, I had my freedom but I was still restricted because I had to be a carer. I took the role on but I didn’t realise it was going to take that long. But, I don’t regret it one bit.

My mum was a very forthright, open person and was very loved by the community. She had a hard life. They came in the early 50s, went up to the country, and back then in Moe, there were no Greek people, nothing Greek. She didn’t speak English and she raised six children in the country.

I came back to Melbourne in my late 30s. It’s a different life, now that I’m married, although I now find myself looking after my mother-in law. But I think my younger life prepared me for this life – to look after the elderly here at Fronditha Care.

Care means helping someone who needs the help. And you feel good by doing it, because it’s like looking after your mother and father.

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