My mother was a woman who, from a teenager, was all about a cause and giving to the community. 

She was so smart, much cleverer than me. She found her passion to be the care of the elderly.

She demonstrated to me that if you have a passion for something you can achieve wonderful things, and for mum it was Fronditha Care.

She lived and breathed everything Fronditha Care.

I remember when she first became a resident of Fronditha Care’s Clayton residential care facility as a result of dementia, she used to go around the facility and speak with all the other residents with such love and care even though she wasn’t well herself.  Even through those difficult times for her, her passion continued.

Care, to me is about thinking of others, making sure they are safe and well looked after.  You can show care in so many ways, by physically helping others, by a kind word, by listening to someone and most importantly being there for those that may need you.

For me, it’s such a privilege to be able to give to a community that meant so much to my mother, and was really part of my life and my children’s when they were young for so many years.  I think so many of us are privileged in our lives and when we can, we want to give back in a meaningful way.

Also, our roots are very strong, and even though I haven’t had a lot to do with the Greek community over the years the pull to give back and connect to my heritage is something that I have felt strongly about.

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