Joanna Hargreaves, Volunteer at Thornbury facility

I arrived in Australia alone, without my parents when I was 17 years old. I came to visit my brother and I decided to stay. I wanted to find someone I could chat with and that we could understand each other.  So at Fronditha Care, I got paired with Elektra, a resident on the first floor. We clicked straight away. The age gap isn’t an issue, and I feel I can tell her anything. She is an amazing person that I don’t think I will find again.

During the seven weeks of lockdown when I couldn’t visit, I managed to facetime with Elektra with the help of one of the PCAs. We were able to speak, and she told me “I love you and I miss you.” She actually said she missed my flowers, because every time I would visit I would pick some flowers from my garden. I said to her I will organise a time to come and I’ll bring you some. I was able to see her last week, and I brought her some roses and her eyes lit up and she said “I love you so much”.

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