Antonis Flessias – Volunteer at Clayton facility

For 12 and a half years, I’ve been going every day so I’ve gotten used to seeing them and I’ve missed them dearly over this COVID19 lockdown period.

I like what I do and I do it because I like it.

I know how to use Skype and Facebook and all those programs for communication, so I call via Skype every second day.

When the residents saw me on the ipad, they were so happy. Especially one resident, Michael, his smile reached up to his ears he was so happy. I’ve spoken to everyone. They seemed to enjoy it but I also got a lot out of it.

They keep saying, “When are you going to come back and visit?”. I’ve missed them a lot.

I usually share jokes and I feel part of the family. I would visit my wife there until she passed every single day. They know me.

I like to contribute. I don’t have much interest in going to the cafenio so I prefer to go there and share some jokes and make them happy.

They’re happy and I’m happy. It’s my pleasure to keep them company. I see them as my family.

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