Thomas Nianiakos

Chef Thomas Nianiakos has only been at Fronditha Care for just over a year but already has two favourites on the menu.

“As a savoury dish I like cooking iman baldi (a vegetarian dish with eggplant, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and lots of herbs),” he says.

“As a sweet dish I like making kataifi.”

Working out of the Clayton facility’s kitchen, Thomas has been excited to be refining his skills in Greek cuisine but equally enjoying the chance to provide the best “home cooking” experience for the residents.

He has seen how the familiarity of the dishes contributes to the unique environment at Fronditha Care and indulges in preparing flavourful and balanced meals.

“I have learned a lot about creating a balanced, nutritious menu that will encourage good health and wellbeing for the residents while still allowing myself and the other chefs flexibility to be creative in the kitchen,” he said.

The menu is jam-packed with traditional meals like spanakopita, moussaka and more modern specialties.

The menu is regularly reviewed by the residents, management and Leading Nutrition dietitians to make sure there is variety and above all else, tastes delicious.

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