The Difference

Bounty of care

Our belief in the ‘Bounty of Care’ is what makes Fronditha Care so special. Whether it is the love and care for our elders, the respect and value we have for our colleagues or the joy and connection we celebrate with our communities, it’s instilled in everything we do.

For us, Fronditha Care literally means Bounty of Care. It’s not just a slogan. Rooted in our heritage and culture, it reminds us of the rewards that come from caring. It flows from us through our elders to their families into our community and the industry. It means more than providing a greater amount of care, rather it’s a belief that care invested brings a bounty to the individual and the community.

We appreciate the sacrifices our elders have made through their life journeys to create the society we enjoy today. Now it’s their time to enjoy the fruits of the care they have invested in us and thrive in the bounty of care.

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Beyond a physical and medical care plan, we realise the value of cultural, spiritual and emotional needs to the wellbeing of our elders. Fundamental to improving health and wellbeing, they create a strong sense of belonging, connection and relevance.

Our elders deserve unconditional love and respect. It’s the gift of our heritage and the cornerstone of Fronditha Care’s culture. While their life journeys and knowledge are shared and celebrated, we know our elders still crave the experiences and events that make all our lives special, so we continue to create these opportunities.

We know we have much to learn from our elders, but we also have much to teach. We believe we can improve the lives of everyone we work with: staff, elders, families and the community. Our greatest ambition is to change how elders are valued in our society.

By supporting and investing in our colleagues’ development and wellbeing we, foster genuine carers who are devoted to our elders, sharing the love everyday to bring those special moments of joy to the lives they touch.

As a not for profit organisation we hold our head high knowing everything we do is for the elders we care for and their families. Working hand in hand with colleagues, volunteers and the community we provide highly rated facilities for those in our care and those who need it most.

This ethos extends into both residential and community care. We provide unparalleled services to elders in the community so they can maintain their health and wellbeing in the comfort of their home and thrive in an actively connected community.

We empower our elders with personal care plan tailored to their lifestyle and service choices enabling them to live the way they want, enjoying what they love.

This is the Bounty of Care, by loving those in our care we lead by example to create a better world.

Whatever It Takes

Fronditha Care has five aged care residential facilities & provides community services while helping fulfil our mission of providing our residents and clients with the individualized care they need and deserve.

These services recognize the important things that a resident always deserves,
a kind smile, a “koulouraki” and favourite cup of tea, that the need for conversation and friendship does not lessen with age and that a small act of unexpected kindness can make a person’s day.

Fronditha Care is committed to being a premium leader in aged care. It is our desire to provide the facility of choice in any community in which we operate. Our programs, services and facilities must be designed and operated with superior quality in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

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Volunteers are important to the happiness and wellbeing of Fronditha Care’s residents and clients. They become familiar faces with regular visits and break up the day for the elderly.

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