Volunteer Recognition Ceremony

Every year Fronditha Care honours its volunteers who have worked tirelessly to ensure Greek elders never feel alone or feel like they have no one to talk.

More than 200 people make up our volunteer group, including those who primarily visit our residential facilities, people who visit the elderly in their homes, those who fundraise for the organisation and those that oversee its governance.

At the annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony in May, Fronditha Care marks the years of service the volunteers have devoted to the community.

The 2019 Fronditha Care Volunteers Recognised for years of service

5 Years of Service

Jill Taylor (Nikitakis)
Adriana Agrotis
Stamatia Apostolakos
Myrofora Arapoglou
Athas Athanasiou
Paraskevi Babalis
Evangelos Drouvalakis
Joanna Hargreaves
Anna Kalogeratos
Stella Loukas
Marianthi Mylonas
Chrisanthi Petroutsos
George Tsaousidis
Maria Vidakis

10 Years of Service

Christos Malamidis
Katerina Mavromihalis
Loula Papakostas
Vasilios Tzaferis
Fred Tsindos

15 Years of Service

Angela Christakakis
Maria Stefanatos

20 Years of Service

Anastasios Bardakos
Jim Kalodimos
Eva Karpetis
Judy Tandos

25 Years

Konstantinos Diamantopoulos
Antonios Flessias
Giannoula Kravarski

40 Years

Rita Gabriel OAM


Jacob Fronistas