Why work for Fronditha Care

Fronditha Care is as much a community as the one it serves. Our team of more than 600 people work hard to ensure our residents and clients feel at home and are well taken care of.

Our reputation for providing excellent care and support is primarily one built by our amazing staff.

Spread over two states, five facilities and one Support Hub, Fronditha Care offers people from all walks of life a chance to succeed.
If you work for Fronditha Care you will soon see how anyone who provides compassionate, loyal and dedicated care to our residents and clients are valued.

Appreciation & Recognition

Fronditha Care has informal and formal recognition programs for staff who have excelled in providing care, assistance, display exceptional teamwork and support. Everyone is encouraged to work as part of a team and support their colleagues.

We aim to recognise the valued contribution made by our staff through various initiatives and programs, including:

  • Annual Staff Awards Ceremony
  • WorkHealth Checks
  • Education and Information Seminars  on Staff Health and Wellbeing Programs
  • Morning/Afternoon Teas and lunches to mark special or exceptional circumstances

Whatever It Takes

Fronditha Care has five aged care residential facilities & provides community services while helping fulfil our mission of providing our residents and clients with the individualized care they need and deserve.

These services recognize the important things that a resident always deserves,
a kind smile, a “koulouraki” and favourite cup of tea, that the need for conversation and friendship does not lessen with age and that a small act of unexpected kindness can make a person’s day.

Fronditha Care is committed to being a premium leader in aged care. It is our desire to provide the facility of choice in any community in which we operate. Our programs, services and facilities must be designed and operated with superior quality in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.


Fronditha Care is committed to making sure all employees are informed of upcoming events, news and opportunities. Our values and mission and commitment give us a way to communicate with our staff by using appropriate tone and language, ensuring that our communication style is always consistent. We utilise various communication tools to ensure our staff is kept up-to-date.

Workplace Diversity

Fronditha Care supports and maintains an inclusive work environment where employees can contribute to their full potential by having their diverse strengths and needs recognised and supported. The value of human difference is recognised and respected by creating an environment where the strengths and experience of our employees – diverse as they are – can be used to their fullest.

Success Stories

This year, on Aged Care Employee Day, Fronditha Care is celebrating and honouring staff whose exceptional achievements in the workplace were recognised at the Fronditha Care Staff Awards 2019.

You can read their stories below.

Theo Terzakis

Maintenance – THALPORI (St. Albans)

Theo Terzakis

Maintenance – THALPORI (St. Albans)

“I’m lucky enough to have a bit of help, the residents do a lot of the planting and growing, while I do a lot of the cleaning and general up…

Fenia Fermanoglou

Personal Care Worker (Community Services)

Fenia Fermanoglou

Personal Care Worker (Community Services)

Fenia Fermanoglou started working for Fronditha Care in 2012. She was sponsored by the organisation under their Labour Agreement and receive…

Thomas Nianiakos

Chef (Clayton)

Thomas Nianiakos

Chef (Clayton)

Chef Thomas Nianiakos has only been at Fronditha Care for just over a year but already has two favourites on the menu. “As a savoury dish I…

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