Why Choose Fronditha?

Fronditha Care is a longstanding not-for-profit community organisation providing a range of care and support services to the community. The staff share a passion and commitment to provide quality care that exceeds best practice in order to enhance the well-being of our residents and clients though excellent care and support.

How Fronditha Care supports the needs of staff

Appreciation & Recognition

Fronditha Care has informal and formal recognition programs where it has been observed excellent care, assistance, teamwork and support occurs. Staff are continuously encouraged to work well within their team and support their colleagues. Our aim is to recognise the valued contribution made by our staff through these initiatives and programs, some of which are:

  • Annual Staff Awards Ceremony
  • WorkHealth Checks
  • Delivery of Flu Vaccinations
  • Staff Health and Wellbeing ProgramsEducation and Information Seminars


  • Exclusivity to purchase the Entertainment Book
  • Morning/Afternoon Teas and lunches to mark special or exceptional circumstances
  • A simple Thank you and Well Done
  • Movie Tickets



Fronditha Care is committed in making sure all employees are informed of all upcoming events, news and opportunities. Our values and mission and commitment give us a way to communicate with our staff by using appropriate tone and language, ensuring that our communication style is always consistent.


Workplace Diversity

Fronditha Care supports and maintains an inclusive work environment where employees can contribute to their full potential by having their diverse strengths and needs recognised and supported. The value of human differences is recognised and respected by creating an environment where all the abilities and experiences of our employees – diverse as they are – can be used to their fullest.