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What are the most common Community Services available to seniors?

The answer depends mainly on what support the elder or their carer requires, All service provision is based on individual assessments and discussions with the elder. In our experience the most sought after types of community services are support around the home (domestic assistance) attendance at social support groups which provides socialisation for the elder and respite for the carer and home care packages which provide co-ordinated support to assist the elder to remain in their home.

How can we help?

Fronditha Care supports thousands of elders over 65+ with varying needs, , to remain independent in their own homes and connected to their community through the provision of services. Fronditha Care staff provide a range of services to support people including:

  • Personal care/attendant care -assistance with showering, dressing, grooming
  • Social support -attending appointments and shopping, provision of companionship
  • Home care / -domestic assistance – support with domestic work around the home including light cleaning of essential areas, washing, meal preparation, bed making
  • Respite care – giving the usual carer a break – either in home or in the community,

To find out more about the types of services we provide, click through the Community Services tabs.

All services are based on assessment and the preferences of the elder. We support you to determine your goals and provide services to meet these goals. We regularly review and evaluate your services to ensure we continue to meet your needs as they change.

What locations do you provide services in?

We provide services in the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

I am nervous about receiving services in my home. What can I expect?

This is completely understandable. Receiving people into your home that you haven’t previously met can be daunting! We’re committed to ensuring that you are in full control of your services and your life.
Our staff are fully qualified, police checked and vaccinated. We will always respect your boundaries and we’ll be guided by what you have requested of us.

The best way to build a positive relationship with your care worker is to let them know how you like things to be done and to also let them know if there is something else we could be doing for you.

Any feedback you provide to our support staff will be promptly communicated back so we can explore and make relevant changes.

I don’t know where to start to get support.

You will need to be assessed to receive services through a government funded program. If you haven’t been assessed, you (or your nominated representative) need to call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. Fronditha Care can help you with this process. Our friendly staff have assisted thousands of people like you on their Home Care journey. We can set up a meeting with our access and support co-ordinator or we can set up a 3-way call with My Aged Care, guide you through the process, and help take the stress out of getting the help you need. Call us on 03 9552 4100.

How much does a Home Care Package cost?

Fronditha Care charges an Administration and Care Advisory Fee. These fees vary and depend the level of the Home Care Package. For the full update fee schedule click here.

Do I have to be Greek to receive services from Fronditha Care

You don’t have to be Greek to receive services from Fronditha Care.  We support thousands of people from diverse cultures and faiths.

Are there a minimum number of hours in services?

Our shift minimum for services is 1 hour. We will assist you to determine the time required depending on what you want to be included in your service. Services can be provided on an ongoing regular basis or on a short-term basis. Services are provided on weekdays  weekends and public holidays

Depending on your flexibility regarding days and time of services we can set up services within 1-2 days where immediate services are needed. Generally, we prefer more notice which assists us to develop a service plan with regular workers whose skills are matched to your specific requirements.

Do you employ your own staff?

Fronditha Care employs its own staff to deliver services and has arrangements with other providers for areas or times when our own staff are not available. We have an ongoing recruitment campaign to ensure our staff numbers continue to meet the demand.  Our personal care workers are qualified and have a minimum Certificate III in Home and Community Care, and/or Certificate III in Aged Care.

We provide ongoing training to ensure our staff remain competent and skills are in accordance with contemporary practice.  All staff have current First Aid and CPR skills.

How do we make sure the staff are trustworthy?

All our staff are very carefully screened through the interview process which includes reference checks. As part of ongoing employment, all our staff are required to adhere to the aged care code of conduct and are required to have a current police check.  If a carer is engaged to undertake transport of clients they must have a car that is roadworthy and comprehensively ensured. Each staff member is provided with a detailed orientation, buddy shifts and has regular performance reviews.

What if I want to cancel the services?

You can cancel services as a one off or ongoing. Our requirement is a minimum of 24 hours notice (business hours).

I am not satisfied with my current service provider, is it hard to move to Fronditha Care?

It is not difficult to change your provider.  Please contact us and we will discuss the process and your options. Should you decide to transfer and we can deliver your requested services we will work with your current provider to arrange a smooth transition.