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What you do matters

What you do matters. You can make a real difference to the lives of some of the most cherished members of our community by working with us, volunteering or making a donation. Please see below for details.

Careers at Fronditha Care

What you do matters. Are you looking to do something that matters? Where you are engaged and involved in meaningful work in an inclusive and collaborative culture that is guided by our values of respect, responsibility, community and spirit?

Work that change lives

Aged care is engaging, meaningful and involved work where you can make a real difference to many. At Fronditha Care, you’ll be part of a collaborative and inclusive culture founded on four values: respect, do right, bring joy and inspire better.

Why Work at Fronditha Care?

Spread over two states, five facilities and one Support Hub, Fronditha Care offers people from all walks of life a chance to succeed. We are as much a community as the ones we serve.

Our team of more than 700 people work hard to ensure our residents and clients feel at home and are well taken care of. And, we recognise that our reputation for providing excellent care and support is built on the diligence and professionalism of our amazing staff.

We care for our people and truly value the compassionate, loyal and dedicated care they provide our residents and clients.

Work that change lives


Salary packaging (Tax benefits up to $15,900 per annum)
Meal & Entertainment Benefit (Tax Benefit)
Learning & Development Opportunities
Reward & Recognition Programs
Fronditha Care Scholarship Program opportunities
Flexible working arrangements
Sponsorship through Fronditha Care’s Labour Agreement
Employee Assistance Program
Annual Flu Vaccinations

Key roles

Role Image

Personal Care Worker

Our Personal Care Workers are an integral part of our organisation, providing essential support to our residents and consumers. They deliver personal care services that promote independence and dignity, ensuring that our residents and consumers feel supported throughout their journey with us.

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Registered Nurse

Our Registered Nurses are part of the wider clinical team and play a crucial role in the delivery of care for our elderly. At Fronditha Care, our Nurses provide clinical care and support to the residents and families within our sites, with care, dignity, and respect.

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Chef/ Cook

Our Chefs and Cooks are part of the hospitality team who work across our residential care facilities. At Fronditha Care, our Chefs and Cooks pride themselves in preparing and delivering high quality meals to our residents, with a focus on a predominantly Greek menu.


How to Apply

Whether you have years of experience in aged care, or you’re just starting out in the industry, we’d love to hear from you. To work at Fronditha Care is to work for an organisation that cares deeply for its care recipients (residents and community services clients) and its staff. Please see our current vacancies below. If you have any questions or would like to know more about working at Fronditha Care, please email Written applications can be sent to People & Culture, c/-o Fronditha Care, Support Hub, 16 Anzed Court, Mulgrave 3170.

Success Stories


Lydia Kiropoulou

Access and Support Coordinator

Lydia joined Fronditha Care as a Personal Care Worker in 2015 after moving from Greece as part of the Labor Agreement program. Lydia’s dedication, care, and positive attitude towards the elderly and her colleagues, earned her a promotion to the role of Care Advisor. Soon after she was promoted to the role of Access and Support Coordinator. In her current role, Lydia helps the elderly in the community access appropriate services to remain independent in their homes. She considers it her duty to help the elderly and feels fortunate to work for such an important aged care organisation.


Vasiliki Stigka

Volunteer Coordinator

As the Volunteer Coordinator for Fronditha Care, Vasiliki is responsible for overseeing close to 200 volunteers. She first joined the organisation in 2019 as a Services and Administration Coordinator before being promoted to her current role. Vasiliki leads by example and is highly respected by her colleagues and the Fronditha Care community. What she enjoys most about working at Fronditha Care is the opportunity to connect with the community and be part of a fantastic working environment that provides a great sense of pride and purpose.


Laurey Garratt

Manager Residential Care Newcastle

Laurey has been a valued member of Fronditha Care since 2015. As the Manager of Residential Care at Fronditha Care’s Newcastle facility, she oversees the day-to-day operations of the facility. For seven years prior, Laurey was the Clinical Care Coordinator. Throughout her tenure, Laurey has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to improving clinical care and services for residents. Her can-do attitude, proactive approach, and collaborative spirit are admired by everyone at Fronditha Care.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering requires motivation, commitment, good humour, and a passion to help others.

Volunteers are integral to maintain connection and engagement between Fronditha Care and the community.
Since the inception of the organisation in 1977, volunteers have played a significant role in supporting the work of staff, fundraising and being Fronditha Care ambassadors.

As a Fronditha Care volunteer, when you share your life experience you contribute to the Bounty of Care.

You also benefit by developing new skills, meeting new people and making friendships. Knowing that you are positively contributing to an individual’s quality of life and helping the community is a wonderful feeling.

Volunteering can be as often as you want. Fronditha Care also offers a range of training and support to all its volunteers.

You can contribute as a Volunteer through the following programs

Social Support Groups
Companionship in a home environment
Support with individuals living in residential care
Group work and activities
Social outings/excursions

Get in touch to become a volunteer

(03) 9552 4100

Volunteer stories


Nicholas Makrynakis


The Volunteer Program has helped me to socialise with people and mostly give joy to the elderly. Every month I come and play music for the elderly, and their smiles give me immense pleasure.

Volunteer Recognition Ceremony

Every year Fronditha Care honours its volunteers who have worked tirelessly to ensure Greek elders remain connected to community.

Close to 200 people make up our volunteer corps, including those who primarily visit our residential facilities, people who visit the elderly in their homes, those who fundraise for the organisation.. Every year in May at the Volunteer Recognition Ceremony, Fronditha Care marks the years of service and recognition of our volunteers who contribute immensely to the work of the organisation.

Thank you.

Over the years, our donors’ support has helped us build and refurbish facilities, purchase equipment and initiate new programs, all of which improve the quality of life of our residents and ensure the provision of our services for years to come.

You can donate online via the donation form on this page. Once your donation has been submitted, you will receive a receipt from Fronditha Care. We can also send notifications if a donation is sent on behalf of an individual or organisation, or as a gift.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

For more information about donating please email or phone (03) 9552 4100.