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What are the most common Community Services available to seniors?

The answer depends mainly on what support the elder or their carer requires, All service provision is based on individual assessments and discussions with the elder. In our experience the most sought after types of community services are support around the home (domestic assistance) attendance at social support groups which provides socialisation for the elder … Continued

How can we help?

Fronditha Care supports thousands of elders over 65+ with varying needs, , to remain independent in their own homes and connected to their community through the provision of services. Fronditha Care staff provide a range of services to support people including: To find out more about the types of services we provide, click through the … Continued

I don’t know where to start to get support.

You will need to be assessed to receive services through a government funded program. If you haven’t been assessed, you (or your nominated representative) need to call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. Fronditha Care can help you with this process. Our friendly staff have assisted thousands of people like you on their Home Care … Continued

Are there a minimum number of hours in services?

Our shift minimum for services is 1 hour. We will assist you to determine the time required depending on what you want to be included in your service. Services can be provided on an ongoing regular basis or on a short-term basis. Services are provided on weekdays  weekends and public holidays Depending on your flexibility … Continued

Do you employ your own staff?

Fronditha Care employs its own staff to deliver services and has arrangements with other providers for areas or times when our own staff are not available. We have an ongoing recruitment campaign to ensure our staff numbers continue to meet the demand.  Our personal care workers are qualified and have a minimum Certificate III in … Continued

How do we make sure the staff are trustworthy?

All our staff are very carefully screened through the interview process which includes reference checks. As part of ongoing employment, all our staff are required to adhere to the aged care code of conduct and are required to have a current police check.  If a carer is engaged to undertake transport of clients they must … Continued