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Lydia Kiropoulou

Lydia joined Fronditha Care as a Personal Care Worker in 2015 after moving from Greece as part of the Labor Agreement program. Lydia’s dedication, care, and positive attitude towards the elderly and her colleagues, earned her a promotion to the role of Care Advisor. Soon after she was promoted to the role of Access and … Continued

Vasiliki Stigka

As the Volunteer Coordinator for Fronditha Care, Vasiliki is responsible for overseeing close to 200 volunteers. She first joined the organisation in 2019 as a Services and Administration Coordinator before being promoted to her current role. Vasiliki leads by example and is highly respected by her colleagues and the Fronditha Care community. What she enjoys … Continued

Laurey Garratt

Laurey has been a valued member of Fronditha Care since 2015. As the Manager of Residential Care at Fronditha Care’s Newcastle facility, she oversees the day-to-day operations of the facility. For seven years prior, Laurey was the Clinical Care Coordinator. Throughout her tenure, Laurey has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to improving clinical care and services … Continued